ORS 646.561
Definitions for ORS 646.561 to 646.565

As used in ORS 646.561 (Definitions for ORS 646.561 to 646.565) to 646.565 (Notice of provisions of ORS 646.561 and 646.563), unless the context otherwise requires:


“Charitable organization” means an organization organized for charitable purposes as defined in ORS 128.801 (Definitions for ORS 128.801 to 128.898).


“Party” means a telephone customer of a telecommunications company.


“Telephone solicitation” means the solicitation by telephone by any person of a party for the purpose of encouraging the party to purchase real estate, goods or services, or make a donation. “Telephone solicitation” does not include:


Calls made by a charitable organization, a public agency or volunteers on behalf of the organization or agency to members of the organization or agency or to persons who have made a donation or expressed an interest in making a donation to the organization or agency;


Calls limited to polling or soliciting the expression of ideas, opinions or votes; or


Business to business contacts. [1989 c.622 §8; 2007 c.441 §3]

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