Trade Practices and Antitrust Regulation

ORS 646.611
Information required to be given by telephone or door to door seller to potential customer

A person who solicits potential customers by telephone or door to door as a seller is in violation of ORS 646.608 (Additional unlawful business, trade practices) (1)(n) unless the person:


Within 30 seconds after beginning the conversation:


Provides identification of both the person and whom the person represents;


Explains the purpose of the person’s call;


Provides a description in commonly understood terms of the goods or services offered for sale; and


Inquires whether the person being solicited is interested in listening to a sales presentation and immediately discontinues the solicitation if the person being solicited gives a negative response; and


During the course of the solicitation, states the total cost of the goods or services offered for sale and the number, timing and amount of installment payments if payment on an installment basis is available to the person being solicited. [1979 c.503 §6]


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