ORS 646.932
Requirement to post amount per gallon of gasoline that is federal, state and local tax; option to disclose cost per gallon of low carbon fuel standard; information from Department of Transportation and State Department of Agriculture; rules


As used in this section, “gas station” includes a filling station, service station, garage or any other place where gasoline is sold for use in motor vehicles.


The owner or operator of a gas station shall post, in a manner visible to customers, the following information:


The amount of the price per gallon that is federal tax;


The amount of the price per gallon that is state tax;


The amount of the price per gallon that is local tax; and


The total amount of federal, state and local taxes per gallon.


The Department of Transportation shall furnish the information described in subsection (2) of this section to each gas station in this state.


The owner or operator of a gas station may disclose to customers the cost, per gallon of gasoline and diesel, of the low carbon fuel standards adopted by rule under ORS 468A.266 (Low carbon fuel standards) after viewing on the Department of Environmental Quality’s website or receiving from the State Department of Agriculture the annual calculations described in ORS 468A.271 (Clean fuels program design requirements). An owner or operator that posts the cost per gallon of the low carbon fuel standard shall also post the calculation of the concurrent total greenhouse gas emissions reductions attributable to the low carbon fuel standard. The owner or operator may make the disclosures provided for in this subsection by:


Posting the disclosures on a gasoline pump in a manner that is visible to customers;


Printing the disclosures on a receipt that the owner or operator provides to a customer; or


Otherwise displaying the disclosures near the point of payment or another location that is visible to customers.


The State Department of Agriculture shall adopt rules governing the implementation and enforcement of this section consistent with ORS 183.745 (Civil penalty procedures). [1999 c.957 §8; 2017 c.437 §1; 2017 c.750 §171]

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