Trade Regulation

ORS 646A.222
Charge card solicitation

  • required disclosure
  • definitions


A charge card solicitation shall disclose clearly and conspicuously the annual fees and other charges, if any, applicable to the issuance or use of the charge card.


As used in this section:


“Charge card” means any card, plate or other credit device under which the issuer of the charge card extends credit to the card holder that is not subject to a finance charge and the card holder does not have automatic access to credit repayable in installments.


“Reasonable time” means the period beginning at the time of publication of a magazine, newspaper or other publication and ending at the time of the next publication of the magazine, newspaper or other publication, but in no case shall the period exceed 90 days following the date of publication.


“Solicitation” means printed material primarily offering to issue a charge card including printed material mailed directly to a person by name that contains an application for or an offer to issue a charge card in the person’s name, application materials available at the charge card issuer’s place of business or other locations or application materials, printed advertisements or other printed information or materials contained in a magazine, newspaper or other publication which shall be considered current at the time of publication and for a reasonable time thereafter. “Solicitation” does not include material which only refers to charge cards as one of the services provided by the issuer nor does it include offers made by radio or television or through a catalog. “Solicitation” does not include an incidental reference to a charge card in the printed material. [Formerly 646.897]


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