Trade Regulation

ORS 646A.152
Definitions for ORS 646A

As used in ORS 646A.150 (Applicability of ORS 646A) to 646A.172 (Rules):


“Maintenance agreement” means a contract of limited duration that provides for scheduled maintenance only.



“Obligor” means a person that is contractually obligated to the service contract holder to provide service under a service contract.


“Obligor” does not include a person that has a home services contractor license, as described in ORS 701.501 (Home services contractor license), and offers or provides services under a home service agreement, as defined in ORS 731.164 (“Home protection insurance,” “home protection insurer).


“Person” means an individual, partnership, corporation, incorporated or unincorporated association, joint stock company, reciprocal, syndicate or any similar entity or combination of entities acting in concert.


“Service contract” is a contract described in ORS 646A.154 (Service contract defined).


“Service contract holder” or “contract holder” means a person that purchases or holds a service contract.


“Service contract seller” means a person that markets, sells or offers to sell a service contract.


“Warranty” means a warranty that a person that manufactures, imports or sells property or services makes without charge, that is not negotiated or separated from the sale of the product and is incidental to the sale of the product, and that guarantees indemnity for defective parts, mechanical or electrical breakdown, labor or other remedial measures, such as repair or replacement of the property or repetition of services. [Formerly 646.265; 2013 c.527 §1]


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