Trade Regulation

ORS 646A.582
Written disclosure requirements

A vendor policyholder shall make available to prospective customers of portable electronics written materials that disclose:


That portable electronics insurance coverage may duplicate coverage already held by the customer, including but not limited to homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance;


That issuance of portable electronics insurance coverage is not required for the customer to purchase or lease portable electronics;


The material terms of coverage, including but not limited to:


The identity of and contact information for the insurer or the supervising entity that issued the insurance policy to the vendor policyholder;


The amount of any applicable deductible and how the deductible is required to be paid when a claim is made;


The benefits of coverage; and


Whether the covered portable electronics will be repaired or replaced with a similar make and model, with a new or reconditioned device, accessory or part, or with a device, accessory or part from other than the original manufacturer;


The process and requirements for returning portable electronics, and any fees that will apply in the event the enrolled customer does not comply with the process and requirements; and


That the enrolled customer may cancel the portable electronics insurance coverage at any time and that the person paying the premium shall receive a refund of the unused portion of any amount that has been paid for coverage. A reasonable administrative fee may be charged in an amount not to exceed 10 percent of the refund due. [2011 c.393 §4]


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May 26, 2023