Trade Regulation

ORS 646A.436
Warrantor registration

  • requirements
  • expiration
  • fees
  • rules


A person may not conduct business as a warrantor in this state or make a representation that the person is a warrantor in this state unless the person registers in writing with the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services in a form the director prescribes by rule. For purposes of this section, a person who offers for sale or sells a vehicle protection product but does not offer a warranty with the product or is not contractually obligated to any performance under the terms and conditions of a warranty that accompanies the product is not a warrantor subject to this section.


A registration form submitted to the director under this section shall contain the following information:


The warrantor’s name and telephone number and the address of the warrantor’s principal office;


The name, address and telephone number of the warrantor’s agent for the service of process in this state if the agent is not the warrantor;


The identities of the warrantor’s executive officer and officers directly responsible for the warrantor’s business operations related to vehicle protection product warranties;


The name, address and telephone number of any person the warrantor designates to administer the warrantor’s vehicle protection product warranties in this state;


A copy of each warranty form the warrantor proposes to use in this state; and


A copy of a warranty reimbursement insurance policy the warrantor intends to use to demonstrate the warrantor’s financial responsibility in accordance with ORS 646A.438 (Reimbursement insurance).


A warrantor shall report any changes to the information provided in this section to the director not later than 30 days after the information has changed.


A registration under this section expires on December 31 of each year. The director by rule shall prescribe a procedure for renewing a registration under this section.


A warrantor shall pay a fee in an amount the director sets by rule for each registration or renewal under this section. The fee must be in an amount that, when aggregated with all other fees collected under this section, is sufficient to pay the expenses of administering and enforcing ORS 646A.430 (Definitions for ORS 646A) to 646A.450 (Rules). [2007 c.685 §4]


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