Trade Regulation

ORS 646A.649
Licensee’s principal place of business and registered agent

  • assumed business name
  • display of license
  • rules


A licensee shall designate and maintain a principal place of business at or from which the licensee engages in debt buying in this state and a registered agent in this state.



If a licensee does not maintain a principal place of business in this state, the licensee shall nevertheless designate a registered agent in this state. The registered agent must be available to receive on the licensee’s behalf any notice, demand or service of process permitted by law to be given, made or delivered to, or served upon, the licensee.


If the licensee does not designate a registered agent in this state, or if the licensee’s registered agent cannot with reasonable diligence be located, the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services is the licensee’s registered agent.


A licensee may not use or operate under an assumed business name unless the licensee first registers the assumed business name under ORS chapter 648 and lists the name on an application under ORS 646A.646 (License application) or in a notice to the director under ORS 646A.652 (Required notices).



A licensee shall clearly display the unique identifying number or designation described in ORS 646A.646 (License application) (5) in each business location the licensee maintains in accordance with subsection (1) of this section and in any solicitation, advertisement, promotional material, website or other communication the licensee uses in the licensee’s business.


The director by rule may specify for the display required under paragraph (a) of this subsection:


A text size or range of text sizes;


A location;


Materials on which the display must appear; or


Other characteristics of the display. [2017 c.625 §6]


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May 26, 2023