Rules of the Road for Drivers

ORS 811.125
Speed racing on highway

  • penalty


A person commits the offense of speed racing on a highway if, on a highway in this state, the person drives a vehicle or participates in any manner in any of the following in which a vehicle is involved:


A speed competition or contest.


An acceleration contest.


A test of physical endurance.


An exhibition of speed or acceleration.


The making of a speed record.


A race. For purposes of this paragraph, racing is the use of one or more vehicles in an attempt to outgain, outdistance or prevent another vehicle from passing, to arrive at a given destination ahead of another vehicle or vehicles or to test the physical stamina or endurance of drivers over long distance driving routes.


A drag race. For purposes of this paragraph, drag racing is the operation of two or more vehicles from a point side by side at accelerating speeds in a competitive attempt to outdistance each other, or the operation of one or more vehicles over a common selected course, from the same point to the same point for the purpose of comparing the relative speeds or power of acceleration of the vehicle or vehicles within a certain distance or time limit.


The offense described in this section, speed racing on a highway, is a Class A traffic violation and is applicable on any premises open to the public. [1983 c.338 §568; 1985 c.16 §287]

Notes of Decisions

Under former similar statute

Legislature has sufficiently differentiated speed racing from DUII and traffic infraction of failure to perform duties involved in accident causing property damage and defendant was properly tried under preponderance of evidence burden of proof provided by this section. State v. Walter, 36 Or App 303, 585 P2d 356 (1978), Sup Ct review denied


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