ORS 811.508
Distracted driving avoidance course
  • rules


The Department of Transportation by rule shall establish standards for a distracted driving avoidance course provided to persons who violate ORS 811.507 (Operating motor vehicle while using mobile electronic device). The standards must describe the contents and quality of a curriculum for the course, specify requirements for obtaining a certificate or other evidence of having completed the course and otherwise determine the level and depth of knowledge a person must have obtained from the course.


The department shall maintain a list of providers approved to lead the course described in this section and shall update the list monthly. The department shall prescribe procedures for providing the provider list to courts. [2017 c.629 §4]
Note: 811.508 (Distracted driving avoidance course) was added to and made a part of the Oregon Vehicle Code by legislative action but was not added to ORS chapter 811 or any series therein. See Preface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation.

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