ORS 811.747
Definitions for ORS 811.748 and 811.750

As used in ORS 811.748 (Driver failure to report accident to police officer or law enforcement agency) and 811.750 (Failure of vehicle occupant to make accident report to police officer or law enforcement agency):


“Emergency communications system” has the meaning given that term in ORS 403.105 (Definitions for ORS 305.823 and 403.105 to 403.250).


“Law enforcement agency” means any agency that employs members of the Oregon State Police, a sheriff, a deputy sheriff, a city police officer, a police officer commissioned by a university under ORS 352.121 (University police departments and officers) or 353.125 (Creation of police department and commission of police officers) or a law enforcement officer employed by a service district established under ORS 451.410 (Definitions for ORS 451.410 to 451.610) to 451.610 (Advisory committee for emergency communications system) for the purpose of law enforcement services. [2009 c.490 §3; 2011 c.506 §51; 2013 c.180 §57; 2015 c.247 §38]
Note: See note under 811.745 (When accident must be reported to police officer or law enforcement agency).

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