OAR 583-030-0005
Purpose and Scope

Effective September 10, 2015:


These rules implement ORS 348.594 (Definitions for ORS 348.594 to 348.615) to 348.615 (Appeal procedure) and 348.992 (Criminal penalty) insofar as each section therein relates to ORS 348.606 (Prohibition on conferring or offering of degree before approval obtained), which provides that a school must meet state standards and be approved by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (Commission) before it may confer or offer to confer any academic degree, or provide services purporting to lead to a degree, by establishing the standards and the procedures to implement the standards or to verify any exemption or exclusion.


These rules apply to any school offering degrees and credits from within Oregon to recipients anywhere. The rules further apply to any school offering degrees and credits from outside of Oregon, in connection with learning or evaluation meant to occur within this state. These rules further apply to anyone affiliated with a school in the following ways:


Maintaining an office or mailing address in the state; or


Conducting any part of the instruction program or support activities from or in the state.


Exclusions to the rule are described in OAR 583-030-0009 (Exclusions).


Complete and partial exemptions and modifications are described in OAR 583-030-0010 (Exemptions) and 583-030-0011.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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