Oregon Department of Agriculture

Rule Rule 603-025-0080
Foods Subject to Pull Date Labeling

Unless otherwise provided, the following perishable foods shall be open date labeled with the pull date:


Processed or cured meat and meat products including wieners, bologna, luncheon meat, liver sausage, salami, braunschweiger, hams and ham products, and bacon (tuck or vacuum packed).


Fluid milk and cream products for which a standard of identity has been established under ORS Chapter 621 (Milk), cottage cheeses, yogurts, cheeses with a moisture content of more than 50 percent, sour creams, and party dips.


Bakery products as defined in subsection (2) of ORS 625.010 (Definitions for ORS 625.010 to 625.270), pastries, cookies, or crackers having a moisture content of 16 percent or more.


Eggs in shell.


Vegetable, macaroni, or potato salads that use mayonnaise or other acidic dressing as an ingredient or dressing, puddings, sandwiches, and other ready-to-eat products.


Fowl, including chickens, fryers, turkeys, ducks, geese, and other domesticated birds.


Fresh or raw packaged meat products, whether whole, ground, chopped or fabricated.


Fresh sausage products.


Fresh seafood products.


Fresh fish products (not breaded or precooked).

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Jun. 8, 2021