Oregon Department of Agriculture

Rule Rule 603-025-0152
Certification Fees


Certification Fees. The Department may fix, access, and collect, or cause to be collected, fees on food processors for the certification of qualified equipment and machinery. The fees must be in an amount reasonably necessary to cover the costs of the certification and of administration of the certification program. These fees must be paid prior to the Department’s submittal of the firm’s exemption forms to the Oregon Department of Revenue.


The following fees and charges are established for the administration and certification of machinery and equipment. The fees may be charged and assessed regardless if machinery and equipment is qualified for the exemption. The scale of fees may vary according to the location of the qualified machinery and equipment.


The cost of such services may include:


A charge of service at the rate of $95 per hour;


Travel time at the rate of $95 per hour;


Mileage, lodging, and per diem reimbursed rates established by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS); and


Application fees for the certification of Machinery and Equipment of $100 for each request for certification received by the Department.

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Jun. 8, 2021