Oregon Department of Agriculture

Rule Rule 603-028-0700
Labeling by Custom Slaughtering Establishments


A custom slaughtering establishment shall label or firmly affix a tag to the carcass and each part therefrom, before removal from the vehicle in the case of a mobile establishment or before removal from the kill floor in the case of a stationary establishment, with the following:


The name and address of the custom slaughtering establishment;


The name of the owner of the article;


The terms “Not for Sale” in letters at least 38 inch in height; and


The date of slaughter.


The certificate required by ORS 603.045 (Custom slaughter and processing regulations) shall be prepared in duplicate by the custom slaughtering establishment, with one copy of each certificate retained by the establishment and the other copy of each certificate submitted to the Department at the time of hide inspection.


The records required to be kept by ORS 603.045 (Custom slaughter and processing regulations)(7) shall be retained by the custom establishment for a period of six months from the date of slaughter.


A custom processing establishment, whether operated in conjunction with a retail meat seller establishment, a custom slaughtering establishment, or otherwise, shall label each individual package or each outside container, or parts of meat and meat products, immediately after preparation with the following:


Symbols, numbers, names, or other marks so as to insure the identity of the owner and that such meat products are those of said owner;


Only at the request of the owner, the name of the owner of the meat products;


The name of the package contents (grounds beef, ribs, roasts, etc.);


Label all packages in accordance with ORS 603.045 (Custom slaughter and processing regulations).

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