Oregon Department of Agriculture

Rule Rule 603-028-0730
On-Farm Direct Sale Exemption


A person is not required to obtain a license under ORS 603.025 (Licenses required) or 616.706 (Licenses) if:


During a calendar year, the person slaughters a total of 1,000 or fewer poultry of all species combined; and


The person performing the slaughter raised the poultry since the poultry was two weeks of age or younger; and


The poultry are free from disease; and


The poultry are for use as human food; and


The person maintains sanitary records in accordance with OAR 603-028-0740 (Records and Enforcement); and


The person slaughters the poultry at the person’s slaughter facility meeting the sanitary requirements of OAR 603-028-0735 (Sanitation Standards) and does not allow other persons to use the slaughter facility for any other purpose; and


The poultry products are sold exclusively via on-farm sale.


Poultry may not be adulterated or misbranded in accordance with ORS 616.205 (Definitions for ORS 616.205 to 616.385) to 616.385 (Public hearing required for rules).


A person claiming this exemption may not engage in buying or selling poultry products other than those produced from poultry raised on his or her own farm.


Poultry must be sold as a whole carcass; and


Shell eggs will be labeled with the open date in accordance with ORS 616.800 (Short title) to 616.835 (Rulemaking authority) (Open Date Labeling).


Poultry and poultry products may not enter into interstate commerce and will be labeled with legible typed lettering a minimum of 0.25 inches in height “THIS PRODUCT MAY NOT LEAVE THE STATE OF OREGON”.


The licensing exemptions contained in this section apply only to activities directly related to poultry and poultry products. Activities relating to other than poultry or poultry products remain subject to licensing by the Department.

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Jun. 8, 2021