Oregon Department of Agriculture

Rule Rule 603-028-0740
Records and Enforcement


The person claiming license exemption under OAR 603-028-0720 (Off-Farm Direct Sale Exemption) or 603-028-0730 (On-Farm Direct Sale Exemption) will maintain clear and understandable records at the poultry business that:


Demonstrate the person raised the poultry since the poultry was two weeks of age or younger;


Calculate the year-to-date cumulative total of each species and total quantity of poultry slaughtered;


Contain the date of slaughter;


Contain sales information including the:


Purchaser’s name and address;


Species and quantity of poultry sold;


Date of the poultry’s slaughter and the date of sale; and


Address of the poultry business.


Demonstrate adequate sanitation measures as required to include:


Daily cleaning logs regarding any and all slaughter dates;


Ware washing cleaning logs;


Lists of chemicals used in the sanitation of the facility;


Other records as required by the Department.


Records shall be maintained for two calendar years following the last dated activity recorded and shall be made available to the Department upon request.


At the Department’s discretion, the Department may conduct an unscheduled inspection of an exempt poultry slaughtering facility and its records. If deemed necessary for food safety, the Department may take regulatory action, which may include mandatory licensing.


A person claiming exemption from ORS 603.025 (Licenses required) or 616.706 (Licenses) will not be an approved food source.

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Jun. 8, 2021