Oregon Department of Agriculture

Rule Rule 603-028-0715


It is the intent of the Department’s Food Safety Division to promote and enable the Oregon State Legislature’s directive to encourage Oregon-grown poultry production for consumption in the state of Oregon by Oregonians.


Therefore, the Department promulgates two poultry slaughter exemptions. Poultry businesses may qualify for either the Off-Farm Direct Sale Exemption or the On-Farm Direct Sale Exemption. A person claiming both exemptions within a calendar year shall not slaughter more than 1,000 poultry in that calendar year. A poultry business that qualifies for either exemption shall comply with OAR 603-028-0740 (Records and Enforcement).


A poultry business that sells poultry from the poultry business, at farmers’ markets, or through other direct sales involving off-farm delivery to customers should refer to the Off-Farm Direct Sale and sanitation requirements found in OAR 603-028-0720 (Off-Farm Direct Sale Exemption) and 603-028-0725 (Sanitation Standards).


A poultry business that sells poultry only from the poultry business should refer to the On-Farm Direct Sale Exemption and sanitation requirements found in OAR 603-028-0730 (On-Farm Direct Sale Exemption) and 603-028-0735 (Sanitation Standards).

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Jun. 8, 2021