Oregon Department of Agriculture

Rule Rule 603-028-0855
Labeling Requirements for Game Meat


Upon inspection of game meat and a determination that it is fit for human consumption, the inspector shall firmly affix a copy of the official inspection tag prescribed by the Department (see Exhibit 1) to the animal carcass and each part therefrom.


In lieu of the provisions of OAR 603-028-0700 (Labeling by Custom Slaughtering Establishments), a custom processing establishment that processes game meat, whether operated in conjunction with charitable organization or otherwise, shall label each individual package or each outside wrapper or container of game meat with the following:


The terms “Game Meat” and “Not For Sale” in letters at least 38” in height;


The name and address of the custom processing establishment;


The identity of the species of the game meat animal; and


The identity of the package contents (e.g., ribs, roasts, etc.).
[ED. NOTE: Exhibits referenced are available from the agency.]

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