Community Colleges

ORS 341.013
Applied baccalaureate degrees

  • approval process
  • rules


As used in this section, “applied baccalaureate degree” has the meaning given that term in ORS 348.910 (Applied baccalaureate degrees).


A community college may offer applied baccalaureate degrees under the provisions of this section.


For each applied baccalaureate degree program a community college wants to offer to its students, the community college shall submit to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission:


A description of the program to be offered;


The method by which the program will be created, including any necessary accreditation by the relevant accrediting agency;


Documentation of local unmet workforce needs that would be addressed by offering the program; and


Documentation that the community college has the expertise, resources and student interest necessary to make the program successful.


A proposed applied baccalaureate degree program must be approved by the commission. The commission shall approve a proposed applied baccalaureate degree program if:


The community college submits all of the information and documentation required under subsection (3) of this section; and


The commission determines that the criteria set forth in ORS 350.075 (Powers, duties and functions) (3)(g) are satisfied.


The commission may adopt rules to implement this section. [2019 c.255 §2]


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