Community Colleges

ORS 341.085
Election for formation of district


An election for the purpose of presenting the question of formation of a district and establishing a permanent rate limit for operating taxes and the boundaries of the zones, if the zones were recommended by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, shall be held to submit the question to the electors registered in the proposed district designated in the recommendation of the commission. The election shall be held not sooner than the 90th day after the effective date of the appropriation required by ORS 341.102 (Payment of formation election expenses). The election date shall be uniform throughout the proposed district, and shall be set by the commission on a date specified in ORS 255.345 (Special election dates). However, if the question of establishing a permanent rate limit for operating taxes is to be submitted, the election must be held on the same date as the next primary election or the next general election, as determined by the commission.


ORS chapter 255 and ORS 250.035 (Form of ballot titles for state and local measures) and 250.036 (Form of ballot title for measure subject to Article XI, section 11 (8), of Oregon Constitution) govern the notice and conduct of an election under this section. The commission shall be the district elections authority for an election conducted under this section. Notwithstanding ORS 255.305 (Election expenses paid by district), the commission shall pay the expenses incurred for the election.


An elector registered in a precinct or in the portion of a precinct which is located within the boundaries of the proposed district may vote on any matter arising at the election under subsection (1) of this section. [Formerly 341.760; 1967 c.605 §18; 1969 c.673 §9; 1971 c.513 §76; 1973 c.796 §51a; 1983 c.83 §72; 1983 c.350 §195; 1987 c.267 §77; 1995 c.67 §6; 1995 c.79 §184; 1995 c.712 §108; 1997 c.541 §379; 2001 c.114 §50; 2013 c.747 §54]


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