Community Colleges

ORS 341.470
Mandatory student-initiated fees

  • resolution of disputes


As used in this section, “mandatory student-initiated fee” means a fee that:


Is initiated by the recognized student government of the community college;


Students are required to pay in addition to tuition fees;


Is collected by the board of the community college; and


Is allocated by the recognized student government of the community college.


The board for each community college shall collect mandatory student-initiated fees upon the request of the recognized student government of the community college to the president of the community college under a process established by the recognized student government in consultation with the board. Mandatory student-initiated fees collected under this section must be allocated by the recognized student government.


If the recognized student government makes a request under subsection (2) of this section for a new or increased mandatory student-initiated fee, the board may require a campus referendum in which the student body votes on whether to approve the fee. If a mandatory student-initiated fee is rejected by the student body in a referendum held under this subsection, the recognized student government may not request another mandatory student-initiated fee for the remainder of the academic year.


A request for a mandatory student-initiated fee, use of the fee or decision to modify an existing fee may be refused by the president if the president determines that:


The recognized student government assessed or allocated the mandatory student-initiated fee in violation of applicable local, state or federal law;


The allocation conflicts with a preexisting contractual financial commitment;


The total mandatory student-initiated fees budget would increase by a percentage that is greater than the percentage increase in tuition and other fees approved by the board for the upcoming academic year; or


The fee request is not advantageous to the cultural or physical development of students.


The recognized student government and the president shall seek to reach agreement on any dispute involving mandatory student-initiated fees, if necessary with the aid of a process established by the board, prior to a decision by the president.


If an agreement is not reached, the decision of the president may be appealed to the board, which will render a final decision prior to the adoption, use or modification of a mandatory student-initiated fee. [2017 c.267 §2]


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