Community Colleges

ORS 341.565
Boundary board

  • petition, hearings
  • legislative approval required
  • effective date of change
  • filing of change


The Higher Education Coordinating Commission shall constitute the boundary board for making any changes in the boundaries of community college districts. The commission on its own motion or on petition from a petitioning territory may propose changes in the boundaries of a community college district. The commission must find that the proposed change will have no substantially adverse effect upon the ability of the affected districts to provide and continue their programs and is not made solely for tax advantages to property owners in the district or area affected by the proposed change. The commission may submit the question of a boundary change to a vote of the electors of the territories affected by the boundary change. The election must be held on the same day in both of the affected territories.


A petition shall be in a form prescribed by the commission and must contain the information that the commission requires. The petition shall contain a minimum number of signatures as fixed by the commission.


Before any order changing boundaries of an existing district is entered, the commission shall set dates for a public hearing in the area to be included in the district or excluded from the district by the proposed boundary change and in the case of annexation of new territory in the principal town of the existing district and shall give notice in the manner required in ORS 341.357 (Publication of notices). At the time set in the notice, the commission or its authorized representative shall conduct a public hearing on the motion or petition and may adjourn the hearing from time to time.


If, upon final hearing, the commission approves the motion or petition or affirms the vote of the electors of the affected territories, the commission shall make an order describing the revised boundaries of the district. The order becomes final when the order is approved by the Legislative Assembly. If the order is not approved, the commission may revise the order and resubmit the order to the Legislative Assembly but not sooner than 60 days after the action of disapproval was taken.


Any division of assets and liabilities required by a change in the boundaries of a district shall be made pursuant to ORS 341.573 (Division of assets and liabilities).


When the boundaries of a district are changed, if the final order of the commission or an election held under ORS 341.569 (When election on change required):


Occurs between July 1 and March 31, inclusive, the change takes effect on the June 30 following the final order or election favoring the change.


Occurs between April 1 and June 30, inclusive, the change takes effect on the June 30 of the following year.


For purposes of ad valorem taxation, a boundary change must be filed in final approved form with the county assessor and the Department of Revenue as provided in ORS 308.225 (Boundary changes). [1971 c.513 §83; 1977 c.827 §2; 1995 c.67 §26; 2001 c.138 §16; 2003 c.574 §3; 2013 c.747 §65]


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