Community Colleges

ORS 341.697
Refunding bonds


Whenever any community college district has any outstanding bonded indebtedness, which is due or subject at the option of the district to be paid or redeemed, the district, by and through the board of the district, may:


Issue and exchange, for any such indebtedness, its bonds bearing the rate of interest determined by the board pursuant to ORS 287A.300 (Terms and conditions of bond sales) (1) to (3); or


Issue and sell such bonds and apply the proceeds of such sale in payment of the indebtedness for the payment of which the refunding bonds are proposed to be issued.


Refunding bonds issued under subsection (1) of this section shall in all respects conform to, and be governed, as to their issue, by ORS 341.675 (Authority to incur bonded indebtedness) (3) and the provisions of ORS 287A.360 (Current refunding bonds) to 287A.380 (Tax levy to pay maturing general obligation advance refunding bonds) that are not inconsistent with this section.


The refunding of indebtedness and issuing of bonds for such purpose shall not require an election, but may be done by resolution of the board of the district at any legally called board meeting. The debt limitations imposed by law shall not affect the right of any district to issue refunding bonds under authority of this section. The validity of any bonds so issued, or of the indebtedness thereby refunded, shall not thereafter be open to contest by the district or by any person for any reason whatever. [1971 c.513 §48; 1981 c.94 §30; 1983 c.347 §26; 1993 c.45 §146; 2007 c.783 §137]


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