Community Colleges

ORS 341.076
Commission recommendation to legislature

  • appeal
  • revision of recommendation
  • hearing
  • effect of legislative action


If, upon final hearing under ORS 341.055 (Hearing), the Higher Education Coordinating Commission approves formation of a community college district, with boundaries either as originally presented or as altered pursuant to the hearing, the commission shall make its recommendation to the Legislative Assembly in an order describing the exterior boundaries and the zone boundaries for the election of members of the board of education of the community college district, if any. An appeal from the recommendation may be taken within 60 days in the manner provided in ORS 183.480 (Judicial review of agency orders). If no appeal from this recommendation is filed within 60 days after the date of the recommendation, the recommendation becomes final.


If an appeal is filed, the recommendation becomes final on the date the recommendation is affirmed by the court. However, if the recommendation is not affirmed, the commission may not submit its recommendation to the Legislative Assembly but may reconsider the conclusions of the study conducted under ORS 341.045 (Feasibility study) and if the commission revises those conclusions, the commission may set a date for a new hearing.


Upon receipt of the final recommendation, the Legislative Assembly shall approve or disapprove the recommendation. If the recommendation is approved, an election under ORS 341.085 (Election for formation of district) shall be held. If the recommendation is disapproved, the commission may revise its recommendation and resubmit a final recommendation to the Legislative Assembly but not sooner than 60 days after the action of disapproval was taken. [1969 c.673 §6 (enacted in lieu of 341.075); 1971 c.513 §75; 1977 c.827 §1; 2003 c.574 §1; 2013 c.747 §53]


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