Community Colleges

ORS 341.321
Reserve fund

  • establishment and termination procedures

Notwithstanding any other statutory provisions, any board of education of a community college district by resolution may establish a reserve fund by making transfers from the district’s general fund. Transfers to the reserve fund shall be included in the district budget prepared and published in accordance with ORS 294.305 (Sections constituting Local Budget Law) to 294.565 (Failure to file copy of required budget, reports or other documents). If at any time conditions arise which dispense with the necessity for further transfers to or expenditures from a fund established pursuant to this section, the district board shall so declare by resolution. The resolution shall order the balance remaining in such fund to be transferred to the general fund of the district and shall declare the reserve fund closed. [1975 c.770 §25; 1995 c.67 §16]


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