Community Colleges

ORS 341.102
Payment of formation election expenses

If the Legislative Assembly approves the recommendation submitted under ORS 341.076 (Commission recommendation to legislature), 341.565 (Boundary board) or 341.579 (Vote on proposed boundary change subject to ORS 341.577), the Legislative Assembly shall appropriate to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission for the purpose of allocation to the Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development moneys necessary to pay the expenses of the election under ORS 341.085 (Election for formation of district), 341.565 (Boundary board), 341.569 (When election on change required) or 341.579 (Vote on proposed boundary change subject to ORS 341.577) (1) if the election is to occur within 24 months of the appropriation or allocation. If the election does not occur within the biennium immediately following the appropriation or allocation, the question shall be brought before the next Legislative Assembly. The state shall fund the election without regard to the outcome of the election. [1969 c.673 §8; 1995 c.67 §8; 1995 c.357 §3a; 1997 c.249 §103; 1999 c.1027 §7; 2001 c.104 §115; 2003 c.574 §2; 2015 c.366 §16]


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