Manufactured Dwellings and Structures

ORS 446.348
Determining amount of penalty

  • rules
  • schedule
  • factors


The Director of the Oregon Health Authority shall adopt by rule a schedule or schedules establishing the amount of civil penalty that may be imposed for a particular violation.


The director may impose the penalty without hearing but only after the notice required by ORS 446.347 (Civil penalties) (2). In imposing a penalty pursuant to the schedule or schedules adopted pursuant to this section, the director shall consider the following factors:


The past history of the person incurring a penalty in taking all feasible steps or procedures necessary or appropriate to correct any violation.


Any prior violations of statutes, rules, orders and permits pertaining to the water system.


The economic and financial conditions of the person incurring the penalty.


The penalty imposed under this section may be remitted or mitigated upon such terms and conditions as the Oregon Health Authority considers proper and consistent with the public health and safety. [1983 c.707 §26; 2009 c.595 §823]


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