Manufactured Dwellings and Structures

ORS 446.636
Manufactured structure trip permits


For a new manufactured structure, the manufactured structure dealer must obtain the trip permit on behalf of the owner. If the dealer fails to obtain the trip permit prior to the scheduled moving date, the vehicle transporter must obtain the trip permit on behalf of the owner.


For a used manufactured structure, the owner must obtain a trip permit from the county assessor for the county in which the manufactured structure is sited.


Notwithstanding subsections (1) and (2) of this subsection, if a dealer or vehicle transporter refuses to obtain a trip permit as required by subsection (1) of this section, or if a county assessor refuses to issue a trip permit to an owner who has complied with ORS 446.631 (Process for moving manufactured structure), the owner may apply directly to the Department of Consumer and Business Services for a trip permit.


The department may issue trip permits in bulk to a manufactured structure dealer or vehicle transporter. [2003 c.655 §22a]
Note: See note under 446.561 (Definitions for ORS 446.566 to 446.646).


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