Manufactured Dwellings and Structures

ORS 446.631
Process for moving manufactured structure

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A person may not move a manufactured structure to a different situs unless the Department of Consumer and Business Services approves the move and the county assessor issues a trip permit on behalf of the department. An application to move a manufactured structure must be filed in the manner and form required by department rule and include the following:


The ownership document or, if an ownership document does not exist, another document acceptable to the department evidencing ownership of the structure or, if the structure is recorded in the deed records of the county, the property description for the current and proposed situses for the structure.


The identity of the owner of the proposed situs or, if the proposed situs is a facility as defined in ORS 90.100 (Definitions), the name of the facility.


Any other information required by the department by rule.


(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this subsection, the department may not approve an application to move a manufactured structure to a situs in another county unless all taxes and special assessments for the current year that will become a lien against the structure prior to the move as described in ORS 311.405 (Tax as lien) and all delinquent taxes and special assessments for past years are paid.


A purchaser or landlord may obtain a trip permit from the county assessor without payment if the county cancels the taxes and assessments as provided in ORS 90.425 (Disposition of personal property abandoned by tenant) or 90.675 (Disposition of manufactured dwelling or floating home left in facility).


If the assessor cannot compute the exact amount of taxes due, the owner shall pay an amount based on the current assessed value of the manufactured structure or the value that would be used on the next assessment roll, or an amount based on the assessor’s best estimate of the total taxes and assessments. ORS 311.370 (Receipts for taxes collected in advance of extension on the tax roll) applies to taxes and assessments collected under this section.


If the county assessor determines that all due or pending taxes and assessments have been paid, the assessor may issue a trip permit on behalf of the department and shall forward the application information to the department. The department shall update the department’s record for the manufactured structure and issue an updated ownership document for the structure indicating the change in information. If no ownership document exists for the manufactured structure, the department shall record the information for the structure and issue an ownership document.


The department shall deliver an ownership document updated or issued under subsection (4) of this section to the holder of the earliest perfected unreleased security interest in the manufactured structure or, if none, to the owner of the structure. The department shall also send a copy of the ownership document to any other holders of unreleased security interests in the structure and to the county assessor for the county in which the structure is to be sited.


The Department of Consumer and Business Services or a county may charge fees for services provided under this section. The fees charged pursuant to this subsection may not exceed the cost of the services provided.


Subsections (1) to (6) of this section do not apply to the movement of a manufactured structure described under ORS 446.576 (Manufactured structures not requiring ownership document or recording in county deed records) (1)(a) or (b) or 446.736 (Transfer of interest by dealer). [2003 c.655 §22; 2005 c.22 §321]
Note: See note under 446.561 (Definitions for ORS 446.566 to 446.646).


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