Distribution and Storage of Water

ORS 540.080
Assistant watermasters

  • compensation and expenses
  • termination


With the approval of the Water Resources Director, a watermaster may employ assistants to aid in the discharge of the watermaster’s duties. The assistants shall take the same oath as the watermaster and shall obey the watermaster’s instructions. Compensation and actual and necessary traveling expenses of an assistant shall be paid by the county court or board of county commissioners upon certificates of the watermaster by an order made at a regular term when sitting for the transaction of county business. If no provision for such payment is made, the assistant’s compensation and expenses shall be paid by the water users concerned, as provided in ORS 540.100 (Division of water among users) to 540.130 (Advance payment).


The term of service of an assistant watermaster may be terminated at any time by the director or the watermaster. [Amended by 1957 c.546 §3; 1961 c.636 §2; 1985 c.421 §8]
Chapter 540

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