Distribution and Storage of Water

ORS 540.479
Dam owner responsibilities


The owner of record of a dam shall:


Provide the Water Resources Department with contact information in an emergency action plan, or in writing if no emergency action plan exists, for:


The dam owner;


The operator of the dam, if other than the owner; and


The individual in immediate charge of the dam;


Notify the department of any changes in the contact information provided under this subsection; and


Provide the department with notice after completing a transfer of title for the dam.


The dam owner shall review and evaluate the conditions at the dam as necessary to:


Keep the dam in good repair and properly maintained; and


Address any detected conditions that may pose a risk of dam failure. [2019 c.390 §14]
Note: 540.479 (Dam owner responsibilities) becomes operative July 1, 2020. See section 28, chapter 390, Oregon Laws 2019.
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