Distribution and Storage of Water

ORS 540.476
Action to declare dam public nuisance

In addition to any other available remedies, if an order issued under ORS 540.461 (Plan and time frame for corrective action) (4) becomes final by operation of law or on appeal, and the dam owner fails to comply with the order, the Water Resources Department may request that the Attorney General or the district attorney of any county where all or part of the dam is located bring an action to have the dam declared a public nuisance that must be removed at the dam owner’s expense. [2019 c.390 §13]
Note: 540.476 (Action to declare dam public nuisance) becomes operative July 1, 2020. See section 28, chapter 390, Oregon Laws 2019.
Chapter 540

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11 EL 390 (1981)


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