Distribution and Storage of Water

ORS 540.545
Transfer of water rights following county acquisition of land

Whenever the title to lands within a district has been or is acquired by the county within which the land is located, by foreclosure of tax liens or otherwise, the county court or board of county commissioners, upon request of the district, may make application under the provisions of ORS 540.505 (Definitions) to 540.585 (Temporary transfers within Deschutes River Basin) to have the water rights appurtenant to such lands transferred to other lands within the district which are owned by the county or privately owned. [Formerly 540.540; 1991 c.957 §8]
540.550. [Renumbered 540.589 (Ratification of prior transfer of water rights to irrigation district) in 2017]
Chapter 540

Law Review Citations

11 EL 390 (1981)


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