Distribution and Storage of Water

ORS 540.435
Installation of totalizing measuring device

  • annual water use report
  • hearing
  • effect of failure to comply with order


In addition to any other authority of the Water Resources Commission to order installation of a measuring device, if the commission finds accurate water use information necessary because of serious water management problems created by ground water decline, unresolved user disputes or frequent water shortages, the commission by rule may require a water right owner using any surface or ground water source within the state to install a totalizing measuring device and to submit annually a water use report.


Before the commission implements any requirements under subsection (1) of this section the commission shall:


Cause a hearing to be conducted in the affected area to determine whether a serious management problem exists; and


Allow any affected person an opportunity to present alternative methods or devices that could be used to provide the information necessary to manage the water resource or to alleviate the water management problem.


The watermaster may prohibit the diversion or use of water by anyone who has failed to comply with a commission rule or order requiring installation of measuring devices or submission of a water use report. [1987 c.649 §7]
Chapter 540

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