Distribution and Storage of Water

ORS 540.576
Notice of petition

  • protest
  • user rights

After filing a petition under ORS 540.572 (Application of certificated water elsewhere within district), the district shall send a copy of the petition and map and a notice to the users of the district whose right of record is to be transferred and who are to receive the transferred right. The copy of the petition and the notice shall be sent to the last-known address of the user with a return receipt requested. The notice accompanying the petition shall advise the user that:


Sixty days after the date of mailing of the notice, the Water Resources Commission shall accept the petition and the water right shall be transferred unless a protest is filed or the petition does not meet the requirements of ORS 540.572 (Application of certificated water elsewhere within district) to 540.580 (Permanent transfer of place of use of water within district); and


The user has the right to protest the petition and transfer in the manner described in ORS 540.578 (Filing of protest). [1991 c.957 §5]
Chapter 540

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