Rule Rule 123-623-1250
Eligibility Criteria of the Commission

Under the definition of “eligible project” as used in ORS 285C.600 (Definitions for ORS 285C.600 to 285C.635):


The Commission may establish criteria in order for property to receive Abatement either by resolution or as described in this division of administrative rules.


The Commission may reject or revoke an Application up to 18 months after its approval and before the Abatement has begun, if the Approved Project will or does take place in conjunction with what the Commission deems to be substantial curtailment of employment at operations under the control of the Applicant (including but not limited to another commonly controlled business firm) anywhere in this state. Mitigating factors include:


Applicant’s candidness and cooperation in addressing such conjunction;


Such curtailment’s being unrelated and only coincidental to proposed investments; or


Compensating actions by the Applicant.
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