Rule Rule 123-623-3100
Local Request for Designation

In seeking designation of any SIZ:


The sponsor of the proposed SIZ shall prepare information defining the SIZ’s boundary including a map clearly showing its entire area in relation to other demarcations, as well as tax lot numbers, metes and bounds, or other data or descriptions, as necessary in order for one to ascertain the area of designation.


The County shall conduct a public hearing on the matter.


Following the hearing, the County and any city, for which any part of the SIZ will be inside its corporate limits, shall execute an intergovernmental agreement to jointly sponsor and operate the proposed SIZ.


The County, or the County and the city/cities as part of the intergovernmental agreement, shall articulate objectives for the proposed SIZ and shall develop a program for business firms to use for Abatement on eligible projects. This local program may differ from the program adopted for any other SIZ sponsored by the County or city, but the sponsor of the SIZ shall officially document the program, including with but not limited to the following:


Any and all criteria for receiving local approval and the requirements for qualification under ORS 285C.623 (Strategic investment zones)(5), such that the sponsor has clearly delineated administrative procedures, methods of verification and consequences of a firm’s failure respective to those criteria or requirements;


Policy and standards to improve the likelihood of local hiring per OAR 123-623-1300 (Local Hiring), which may consist of a firm’s formally accepting to undertake “good faith” efforts;


Ministerial steps and processes setting forth a straightforward path for a firm to request and to receive local approval for the SIZ, in order to subsequently submit a complete Application to the Department; and


Standardized agreement language, which may be a detailed form, that:


Will give the location of the proposed project in the SIZ and general information about the newly constructed or newly installed property that will comprise it;


Stipulates the community service fee in accordance with OAR 123-623-1900 (Community Service Fee);


Spells out all local criteria, requirements and standards intended to obligate a firm’s benefiting from the Abatement in some way;


Will identify the particular firm in detail and provide for it to expressively acknowledge and commit to such criteria, requirements and so forth by signature of an authorized representative of the firm; and


Is endorsed by a sponsor representative (either with the County or a city) in approving a proposed project and the firm’s use of the SIZ.


Pursuant to and in reference to materials arising from sections (1) to (4) of this rule, the County governing body shall take official action to request designation of the SIZ and shall forward that request to the Department.
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