Rule Rule 123-623-1900
Community Service Fee


The local agreement included with the Application and described in OAR 123-623-1525 or 123-623-1550 shall specify:


The community service fee under ORS 285C.609(4)(b) and (c) or 285C.623(4)(b) and (c); and


How the Applicant will annually make payment of the fee to the County, beginning not earlier than December 1 of each of the 15 tax years for which the Applicant claims and receives the Abatement.


The depositing of community service fee moneys (under ORS Chapter 294) ortheir allocation, distribution or transfer by the County or any other entity in OAR 123-623-1950(1) does not affect the Approved Projects eligibility.


Under ORS 285C.609 (outside an SIZ) the community service fee has an annual maximum of $2.5 million, if the determination by the Commission of the Approved Project occurred on or after October 6, 2017. Otherwise (including any Approved Project based on an SIZ), the maximum is either $500,000 or $2 million in the case of an Urban Project.
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