Rule Rule 123-623-1550
Application outside a Strategic Investment Zone

A complete Application must also include all of the following, if the proposed investment is not using an SIZ:


Evidence that the County held a public hearing concerning the Applicant’s proposal, before executing the agreement in section (2) of this rule.


A copy of the agreement:


Between the Applicant and the County in partnership with any city in which the investment site is located;


Executed before the official action in section (3) of this rule;


Addressing the community service fee consistent with OAR 123-623-1900 (Community Service Fee); and


Specifying requirements, if any, under ORS 285C.609 (Request by county)(5).


With respect to the local official action requesting a Commission determination for Abatement on the Applicant’s proposed investment(s):


A copy of the official action by the governing body of the County; and


Evidence that an affirmative vote by a majority of the County governing body (not merely the members present) at a regular or duly called special meeting effected the action.


The latest version of any document submitted to County/local governments in relation to sections (1) to (3) of this rule.
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