Rule Rule 123-623-2000
Confidential Records

As provided under ORS 192.501, 192.502 and 285C.620 (Confidentiality of project information):


The Department shall not release any information identifying or pertaining to an expected Applicant, or to discussions among it, local governments, or the Department and members of the Commission, before:


Finalization of local approval for the proposed investment based on its being inside an SIZ; or


The County governing body holds the public hearing under ORS 285C.609 (Request by county)(4) (or a public notice for the hearing naming an expected Applicant) if not using an SIZ.


The Department shall not release any Application materials submitted by an expected Applicant that specifically describe investment plans, before the Department’s deems the received Application to be complete.


The department shall seek to keep confidential certain sensitive records or communications obtained in association with an Application, as otherwise allowable under ORS 192.410 to 192.505, including but not limited to the following:


Reports and analyses of reports bearing on the Applicant’s character, finances, management ability and reliability, as obtained in confidence from persons or firms not required by law to submit them, including but not limited to the Applicant, and for which the Department obliged itself in good faith to not disclose;


Financial statements, tax returns, business records, employment history, personnel files and comparable data submitted by or for an Applicant, or analysis of such data;


Intra-departmental advisory memoranda based on or providing preliminary information;


Formulas, plans, designs and related information that constitute trade secrets under ORS Chapter 192 (Records);


Personal financial statements;


Information of an Applicant pertaining to litigation that has not concluded, to which the Applicant is a party if the complaint has been filed, or if not, that the Applicant shows is reasonably likely to occur (Nothing in this section shall limit any right or opportunity granted by discovery or deposition statutes to a litigant or defendant);


Production, sales or cost data, customer lists, or detailed descriptions or identifications of business property; or


Marketing strategy information that relates to an Applicant’s plan to address specific markets and the Applicant’s strategy regarding specific competitors.


Subject to sections (1), (2) and (3) of this rule, the Department shall provide records pertaining to the Strategic Investment Program upon written request, as described in OAR 123-005.
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