Rule Rule 123-623-3300
Designation by the Commission

In response to a request for designation of an SIZ:


The Commission shall initially consider it by receiving a report from the Department as an agenda item at a regular or special meeting, for which the Department has made appropriate and customary public notice. The Commission shall determine the process by which it will complete its review of the proposed SIZ.


The Commission shall designate the SIZ if finding that:


With a reasonable degree of confidence, the SIZ will contribute to fulfilling the intent of ORS 285C.603 (Legislative purpose) and will generally accomplish the objectives established by the sponsor;


The sponsor has defined its processes to allow for efficient implementation and operation of the SIZ, such that a business firm could expect to have its local request for approval handled expeditiously; and


The SIZ’s criteria, requirements, policies, standards and so forth, and the sponsor’s plans to administer them are sufficiently clear and straightforward to provide reasonable certainty with respect to any conceivably eligible project, such that a business firm can correctly discern:


The probability of qualifying in that SIZ;


What it must do to comply;


Whether the firm/project actually does qualify at any given point; and


The consequence of noncompliance or disqualification.


When taking action to approve the request, the Commission’s shall set the effective date of designation. On or after this date, property may be newly constructed or installed for purposes of Abatement in that SIZ.
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