Rule Rule 123-623-1800
State Application and Approval Fees

With respect to ORS 285C.612 (Eligible project application fees) and the fees payable to and collected by the Department:


The following (non-refundable) amount must accompany the Application:


$5,000; or


$10,000 for a proposed Urban Project.


After the Commission decides to approve the Application, but pending formal authorization as such through the Department, the Applicant must pay the following amount (of which the Department shall transfer 50 percent to the Department of Revenue to administer ORS 307.123 (Property of strategic investment program eligible projects)):


$10,000; or


$50,000 for a proposed Urban Project.


The Commission or Department will allocate payments collected and retained consistent with relevant provisions in OAR 123-009.
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Sep. 26, 2020