Rule Rule 123-623-1400
Making Application


An Applicant desiring approval for Abatement must submit an Application to the Department.


In addition to what is required by the Application or in this division of administrative rules, the Applicant shall submit any information requested by the Department for purposes of evaluating the Application.


Not less than 21 days after having received a complete Application, as described in OAR 123-623-1500, the Department shall arrange for the Commission to initially consider it at a regular or special meeting. Under extenuating circumstances, the Department may dispense with this minimum period.


The Application form is available from and submitted to: Incentives Economic Development, Business Oregon, State Lands Building Suite 200, 775 Summer Street NE, Salem OR 97301, see www.oregon4biz.com.


An Applicant may submit an Application that is incomplete for lack of local agreement/approval, which the Department effectively receives and holds pending completion, in order that subsequently acquired, constructed or installed property avoids classification as Existing Property or for other reasons, so long as the Application includes:


The fee described in OAR 123-623-1800(1);


All required information or documentation currently available to the Applicant; and


What the Department deems to be sufficient evidence that the Applicant has been in contact with the County to initiate steps under ORS 285C.609, including but not limited to local submission of a formal application if the County has previously established such procedures.


Section (5) of this rule is not generally applicable to proposed investments in an SIZ, but the Department may exercise it in the case where an Applicant has encountered what the Department considers significant and undue delays in executing the standardized agreement for the SIZ under the local program established pursuant to OAR 123-623-3100.
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