OAR 123-623-1500
Contents of Application, Generally


A copy of a First Source Hiring Agreement according to OAR 123-070 that takes effect beginning no later than when any hiring for the Approved Project commences and ending no sooner than June 30 of the final tax year of Abatement.


Information required in or with the Application as stated in the form, including but not limited to full company identification, hiring/payroll projections, full description of proposed investment(s) and of any exceptional impact on public services, as well as:


The number of Retained Jobs over the 12 month’s preceding the Department’s receipt of the Application at the site, facility or operations, to which the proposed investment will be made;


Full disclosure for purposes of OAR 123-623-1250 (Eligibility Criteria of the Commission), including but not limited to any probable reduction in the operations, employment or the like at any other facility in this state that is owned or operated by the Applicant or a commonly controlled business firm, within one year after making application, regardless of proximity or relationship to the proposed investment(s); and


Commitments to:


Address the exhortation under ORS 285C.603 (Legislative purpose) consistent with OAR 123-623-1300 (Local Hiring);


Provide timely notification or evidence to the county assessor or the Department of Revenue, as requested or otherwise necessary under ORS 307.123 (Property of strategic investment program eligible projects) or other applicable laws, such as the date when any taxable property is or will be initially occupied, used or operated commercially for specifically intended purposes;


Ensure that any ultimate lessee is responsible for the payment of property taxes levied on leased property that comprises any part of the Approved Project; and


Submit the annual reports of employment required under ORS 285C.615 (Annual participant reports) and described in OAR 123-623-4000 (ANNUAL PROJECT REPORTING — Submission to Department) to 123-623-4200 (Applicable Employees and Payroll).


As described in OAR 123-623-1800 (State Application and Approval Fees):


Full amount of the nonrefundable application fee; and


Commitment to pay additional fee, if approved.

Source: Rule 123-623-1500 — Contents of Application, Generally, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=123-623-1500.

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