Oregon Oregon Business Development Department

Rule Rule 123-623-1300
Local Hiring

For purposes of ORS 285C.603 (Legislative purpose):


Prospective Applicants and County/local governments shall consider creative and cooperative means to promote gainful work for persons already residing in the proximate area or region of the Approved Project for:


Jobs associated with the Approved Project’s facility or operations; and


Persons employed in the construction or installation of property or by other types of associated contractors, vendors or suppliers.


County/local governments shall incorporate such means in a policy and standards for the designation of an SIZ, as otherwise permissible and administrable, with respect to OAR 123-623-3100 (Local Request for Designation).


Such means shall not create any:


Undue burden on the Applicant relative to the nature, needs or competitiveness of the Approved Project; or


Explicit bias against anyone’s rights or access to the privilege of employment, such as specifying residency-based hiring criteria proscribed by OP-8236, Oregon Attorney General (April 20, 1995).

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