Rule Rule 333-106-0015
General Requirements: Technique Chart

A useable up-to-date chart shall be provided in the vicinity of, or correctly programmed into the diagnostic X-ray system’s control panel which specifies, for all examinations performed with that system, the following information:
(1)(a) Patient’s anatomical size in centimeters versus technique factors to be utilized.
(b) For veterinary X-rays, the patient’s anatomical size in centimeters or weight in pounds versus technique factors to be used.
(2) Film-screen combination to be used.
(3) Type and focal distance of the grid to be used, if any.
(4) Source to image receptor distance to be used.
(5) Units utilizing phototimers shall have a chart indicating cell choice, optimum kVp and density setting as well as other applicable requirements of this rule.
(6) Units utilizing automatic techniques that are incorporated in the X-ray machine are considered to meet the requirements of sections (1), (2), (3) and (4) of this rule.
(7) In cases where machine use is restricted to intraoral radiography, or one operator and less than three techniques, the registrant is exempt from the requirements of this rule.
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