Rule Rule 333-106-0050
General Requirements: Personnel Monitoring

All individuals who are associated with the operation of an X-ray system are subject to the requirements of OAR 333-120-0100 (Radiation Dose Limits: Occupational Dose Limits For Adults) and 333-120-0210 (Surveys and Monitoring: Conditions Requiring Individual Monitoring of External and Internal Occupational Dose). In addition:


When protective clothing or devices are worn on portions of the body and a personnel monitoring device(s) is required, at least one such monitoring device shall be utilized as follows:


When an apron is worn, the monitoring device shall be worn at the collar outside of the apron;


The dose to the whole body based on the maximum dose attributed to the most critical organ (which are the gonads, the blood-forming organs, head and trunk or lens of the eye), shall be recorded in the reports required by OAR 333-120-0650 (Records of Individual Monitoring Results)(3). If more than one device is used and a record is made of the data, each dose shall be identified with the area where the device was worn on the body.


Exposure of a personnel monitoring device to deceptively indicate a dose delivered to an individual is prohibited.
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