Rule Rule 333-106-0120
General Requirements: Information on Radiation Shielding for Plan Reviews — Optional

In order to provide an evaluation or technical advice on shielding requirements for a radiation installation, the following information must be submitted:


The plans should show, as a minimum, the following:


The normal location of the X-ray system’s radiation port; the port’s travel and traverse limits; general direction(s) of the useful beam; locations of any windows and doors; the location of the operator’s booth; and the location of the X-ray control panel;


The structural composition and thickness or lead equivalent of all walls, doors, partitions, floor, and ceiling of the room(s) concerned;


The dimensions of the room(s) concerned;


The type of occupancy of all adjacent areas inclusive of space above and below the room(s) concerned. If there is an exterior wall, show distance to the closest area(s) where it is likely that individuals may be present;


The make and model of the X-ray equipment and the maximum technique factors;


The type of examination(s) or treatment(s) which will be performed with the equipment.


Information on the anticipated workload of the X-ray system(s).


If the services of a qualified expert have been utilized to determine the shielding requirements, a report, including all basic assumptions used, shall be submitted with the plans.
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