Rule Rule 333-106-0367
Computed Tomography X-ray Systems: Records and Report Retention

A facility with a CT scanner shall maintain records and reports on file and shall make the records and reports available for review by the Authority as follows:


Records documenting the qualifications of all personnel who worked at the facility as an operator or CT medical physicist.


Records of personnel no longer employed by the facility shall be kept on file until the next inspection following the employee’s termination has been completed and the Agency has determined that the facility is in compliance with the CT personnel requirements.


A report of a CT medical event required under OAR 333-106-0368 (Computed Tomography X-ray Systems: Qualified CT Medical Physicist) shall be maintained on file for at least seven years.


Initial and annual CT medical physicist performance evaluation reports required under OAR 333-106-0364 (Computed Tomography X-ray Systems: Initial and Annual Qualified CT Medical Physicist Scanner Performance Evaluations) shall be maintained on file for at least five years.


Records of the results from the ongoing quality control evaluation required under OAR 333-106-0363 (Computed Tomography X-ray Systems: Quality Control Program) shall be maintained on file for at least three years.
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Jul. 9, 2020